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San Francisco Renewal: Cleaner, Safer and Always Innovating

Let’s address the question that many of you have asked: What are street conditions like in San Francisco?

If you’re concerned about the city’s safety and cleanliness, we get it.

So were we.

Which is why PCBC/CBIA leadership and staff have been working closely with the Moscone Center and the San Francisco Travel Association to find out what the city is doing to ensure a safe, pleasurable experience for visitors. We were impressed by the scope of their efforts—and we think you will be too.

Those efforts include stepped-up police presence, a proactive Community Ambassador Program, aggressive street cleaning and beautification initiatives, $1 billion in local, state and federal resources to combat homelessness, and more.

Like all cities hard-hit by the pandemic, San Francisco still has work to do and challenges to address. But they’re meeting those challenges head-on with not only financial resources but a commitment to restore the city to its world-class status—and we’re confident that your experience at PCBC 2022 will be safe, comfortable and highly rewarding.

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Images from San Francisco - March 16, 2022