Anaheim Convention Center
June 19-20, 2024
About PCBC

PCBC is an annual event dedicated to advancing the art, science and business of housing—because we believe it takes all three of those disciplines working together to create better, higher performing, more attainable homes and communities.

Since our founding in 1959 as the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, we’ve grown from a small educational conference to a powerful, four-day experience with an exhibit showcase, multiple high-level conference offerings, targeted buyer/seller exchanges, prestigious awards ceremonies, and innovative housing tours.

PCBC brings together the most influential people and companies in residential development:

  • Major homebuilders and community developers, 40% building 200+ homes per year
  • Leading manufacturers and suppliers of building products and materials
  • Creative consultants in architecture, planning, design, marketing and other services
  • The industry’s top debt, equity, financial and analytical firms

PCBC is produced by the California Building Industry Association in partnership with Leading Builders of America.

The Why of PCBC

From the very beginning, PCBC was created for the thought leaders and game changers in homebuilding and community development.

Our California DNA has everything to do with it.

Culturally, we live in the world’s hub for entertainment, technology, and lifestyle aspiration—where unbridled creativity meets disruptive, restless entrepreneurialism.

Geographically, we inhabit a sweeping canvas where coastline, cities, foothills, desert, forests and farmland comprise the most diverse landscape and ecosystem in the US.

Politically, California’s climate goals make it the nation’s most restrictive, regulated and arduous place to build—demanding resourcefulness, responsiveness and innovation from our industry.

All of which explains why PCBC has pursued a leading-edge mission from its inception, with next-level programming, big-picture speakers, in-depth trend analysis, and product innovation showcases.

In a market driven by rapid change and ever-increasing constraints, PCBC is helping the industry see what’s coming—and what’s possible—in residential construction.