Catalyzing Innovation: 2023 Ivory Prize Presentation

  • Room: ACC North, 200 Level, Keynote Ballroom
Wednesday, May 24, 2023: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Abby Ivory
Managing Director
Ivory Innovations
Single Presenter
Clark Ivory
Chief Executive Officer
Ivory Homes
Dejan Eskic
Senior Research Fellow
Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Jenna Louie
Director of Strategy and Operations
Ivory Innovations
Single Presenter
Kent Colton
Ivory Innovations Advisory Board


PCBC is excited to debut this new event in partnership with Ivory Innovations. The Ivory Prize is an annual award recognizing ambitious, feasible and scalable solutions to housing affordability. The program will introduce this year’s winners — across categories of construction and design, finance, and public policy — as well as share trends and takeaways from the past five years of advances in technology and applied creativity. Meet the top 10 finalists — with winners announced at the program.

Speakers include:
Kent Colton, President of K. Colton LLC and former Senior Scholar at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
Dejan Eskic, Senior Research Fellow, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Abby Ivory, Managing Director, Ivory Innovations
Clark Ivory, Chief Executive Officer, Ivory Homes
Jenna Louie, Director of Strategy & Operations, Ivory Innovations
Plus 2023 Ivory Prize winners to be announced

Ivory Innovations is a nonprofit organization dedicated to catalyzing innovative solutions in housing affordability. Housed at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, they promote the most compelling ideas in housing by convening industry experts, inspiring students, finding and supporting the best innovators, and putting new solutions into practice.