Upward Mobility in an Economic Downturn

  • Room: ACC North, 200 Level, Room 253C
Thursday, May 25, 2023: 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM



Branka Minic
Building Talent Foundation
Clayton Traylor
VP State & Regulatory Affairs
Leading Builders of America
Lee U’ren
Global Director, Training and Enablement
Mary Kelly
President and CEO
StrataTech Education Group


Homebuilding’s No. 1 echo-chamber challenge, and the most-often-identified risk among the industry sector’s small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, is building’s “frontline worker cliff.” Still, there are proven solutions to slowly turn the tide of losses to construction talent ranks, and this session will put those tactics into a light individual firms and their partners can begin applying immediately in the field. Addressing head-on a prevailing belief in construction talent ranks that jobs are dead-ends, with little to no opportunity to advance in a career or as an entrepreneur, this interactive work-group will focus on all the ways best practices organizations keep valued team members on constant training tracks of learning, upskilling, and career growth. We can turn the tide.

Learning Objectives

1. How is employee engagement helping companies keep their best people, and what are the best practices employers can put in place right now
2. How to access inexpensive, attainable resources available to employers to help them upskill their workforce faster, easier, and affordably
3. Identifying and accessing tools available to support training and upskilling
4. How to take advantage of exisiting resources during the downturn that will allow you to avoid talent shortage without impacting your bottom line