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Shawn Achor

Big Potential: Transforming the Pursuit of Success

Wednesday, May 24

In a world that thrives on competition and individual achievement, we’re measuring and pursuing potential incorrectly. Pursuing success in isolation not only limits our potential, it makes us more stressed and disconnected than ever. Harvard-trained researcher Shawn Achor reveals a better approach. With new research combining neuroscience and psychology with Big Data, Achor shows that our potential is not limited by what we alone can achieve. Instead, it’s determined by how we complement, contribute to, and benefit from the abilities and achievements of people around us. When we—as individuals, leaders, and parents—chase only individual achievement, we leave vast sources of potential untapped. But once we put “others” back into the equation, and work to make others better, we ignite a Virtuous Cycle of cascading successes that amplify our own.

Shawn Achor is one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His research on mindset made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with over 25 million views, and his lecture airing on PBS has been seen by millions. Shawn is the New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential.

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Kudzi Chikumbu, Keynote Speaker image

Kudzi Chikumbu, Global Head of Creator Marketing, TikTok

Showing Up Online:
How to Build an Authentic Digital Presence

Thursday, May 25
8:30am - 9:30am

Whether you’re building your personal brand or managing a global company, social media is essential. As Global Head of Creator Marketing at TikTok, Kudzi Chikumbu provides audiences with a crash course in how to show up digitally—and the perils of doing it wrong. From expanding your customer case…to building a network…to self-expression, he’ll explore the limitless potential of the full digital landscape. In this stirring talk, Kudzi will share how how diversity leads to creativity and explore the power that comes from bringing together different perspectives to achieve success. You’ll gain insight into: How and where to start telling your story; How to stand out with all the noise and connect with an audience; How to fix it when things go wrong; And the often-missed secret to success when building a brand online.

Kudzi Chikumbu is a lifestyle influencer responsible for connecting and building TikTok’s creator community while advocating for diversity, inclusion, and representation online. A torchbearer for authenticity, he shares inspirational career advice to motivate professionals and creatives to embrace their personal stories to drive impactful results. Kudzi has been listed in Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list and The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen: Hollywood’s 35 Rising Executives 35 and Under.

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Past years' keynote speakers include:

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Sekou Andrews (2019)
Two-time national poetry slam champion

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Chip Conley (2016)
Head of Global Hospitality, Airbnb

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Sheryl Connelly (2014)
Global Trends & Futuring, Ford Motor Company

Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler (2017)
Co-founder, Flow Genome Project

Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni (2018)
Renowned bestselling author

Alison Levine

Alison Levine (2019)
First American Women's Everest Expedition Team Captain

Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn (2017, 2022)
One of the original story creators at Pixar


Platon (2018)
Award-winning Photographer

Joshua Cooper Ramo

Joshua Cooper Ramo (2015)
Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates

Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander (2014)
Conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Jade Simmons

Jade Simmons (2022)
Rockstar Concert Pianist & Activational Speaker

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek (2015)
Bestselling author, leadership expert

Adam Steltzner

Adam Steltzner (2017)
Chief Engineer, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (2012, 2014)
Bestselling author, social media expert