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Part of the Mendocino Family of Companies, Humboldt Redwood and Allweather Wood are leading manufacturers and distributors of environmentally certified Redwood, Douglas-fir, and preservative treated lumber products. With a company culture rooted in stewardship and community support, the Mendocino Family of Companies maintains Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certification of its timberlands, manufacturing, and distribution operations. FSC is the leading certification standard for healthy, well-managed forests worldwide.

Key product lines available at lumber yards and home improvement retailers throughout California and the Western U.S. include:

  • Humboldt Redwood Decking
  • Humboldt Redwood Fencing
  • Humboldt Redwood Timbers
  • Humboldt Redwood Uppers
  • Humboldt Redwood Fingerjoint Primed
  • Douglas-fir Timbers
  • Allweather Wood Preservative Treated Lumber

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Outdoor Living with Humboldt Redwood

 Press Releases

  • Long-Term Design Trends Favor Natural Wood

    Q&A with Jessica Hewitt of Humboldt Redwood

    While technology seems to be changing ever more quickly, there are some products that have stood the test of time. Natural wood being one such product. To provide more insight on how long-term design trends favor natural wood, Jessica Hewitt, Marketing Director for Humboldt Redwood, elaborates.

    The labor shortage has forced builders to get creative. Does natural wood offer any benefits over alternative materials in terms of ease of building?

    Yes, if you think about decks for example, many of the composite materials require special tools or clip systems, never mind the weight of some of those materials potentially requiring more than one person to help move around and install them. With natural wood decking, particularly a durable softwood such as Humboldt Redwood, there are no special tools or clip systems needed, general carpentry and wood working skills are all that is required. Ease of installation is particularly important to architects, builders, and contractors operating in the affordable housing space, where productivity makes a big difference in margins.

    We have recently witnessed tariffs and worldwide illness spread, which have caused manufacturers across many industries to experience supply chain concerns and disruptions. Any long-term trends there that favor natural wood?

    We rarely think about where all our stuff comes from, and more rarely still about the component materials inside all that stuff and where those components come from. Recent overseas disruptions have exposed how long supply chains have gotten and how far flung component and raw materials may be. The beauty of natural wood is… it’s wood! There are no component materials. For U.S. based operations, like Humboldt Redwood, there is much less chance of disruption as the supply chain is much shorter. This offers a lot of tangible benefit to architects as they think about which products to specify, but also builders and contractors as they go about sourcing those products.

    Do any specific design trends continue to favor natural wood?

    The need for shade and comfort in outdoor spaces greatly favors wood, particularly a naturally durable and beautiful species, like Humboldt Redwood. Landscape architects and designers, like Metamorphosis Landscaping in the San Francisco Bay Area, design and build pergolas and shade structures with Humboldt Redwood timbers to not only provide shade and comfort, but also to define and create intimate spaces. That could be a cozy book nook, or shaded seating area next to a swimming pool. The versatility of Humboldt Redwood means that there are few limits to what designers can dream up.

    Any final thoughts and/or suggestions for resources for architects and landscape architects to learn more about Humboldt Redwood?

    Sure. Our research shows that segments of the population, often those that have attained higher education levels, prefer sustainable materials. We have a strong sustainability story to tell. With certification to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133), Humboldt Redwood has additional environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration and being local to the Western U.S.

    Architects and landscape architects can visit the Architects section of our website for links to our profiles on both and, as well as links to our free AIA LU/HSW credit hour courses, available on Additionally, our Resource Library contains current Humboldt Redwood product information, including details about our FSC certified products.

    PR Contact:

    Jessica Hewitt

  • Building Joy with Redwood Lumber and Timbers

    Bay Area Landscape Designer Routinely Specifies Humboldt Redwood

    Landscape installation projects rank among the highest in terms of outdoor projects that bring homeowners joy, this according to a study by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

    The “2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features” found that a new wood deck (Joy Score of 9.8), statement landscaping (9.7), and an overall landscape upgrade (9.6) were some of the highest ranking projects on a scale of 1 to 10; higher figures indicating greater joy from the project.

    San Francisco Bay Area-based master landscape designer, Michael Galli knows a lot about joyful landscapes. For the past 30+ years, Michael and his company, Metamorphosis Landscaping, have designed and constructed some 200 landscape projects in the greater Bay Area.

    “Two important criteria that nearly all clients desire when moving forward with a new landscape for their home are that the design must maximize the use of their existing property and it is critical that the landscape works with the home’s existing architecture. The landscape also needs to be an extension of their home’s living space,” per Galli.

    And, of course, the landscape must be beautiful, joyful even. Millbrae, California homeowner, Mark Murdoch, was one of Metamorphosis Landscaping’s first clients 28 years ago. Murdoch’s backyard was effectively cut in half by a municipal stormwater canal. Metamorphosis Landscaping installed a large redwood deck over the canal to bridge the two, previously separated, portions of the backyard. Ever since, Murdoch has used his backyard and deck extensively, even referring to the area as his “playground”.

    What’s more, the redwood has stood the test of time. Not a single board has been replaced in 28 years. Mr. Murdoch and most of Metamorphosis Landscaping’s other clients opt for an ongoing maintenance contract whereby all the wood is cleaned and refinished every two years. Superdeck is the finish of choice.

    According to Duckback Products’ representative Yolanda Waters, “Superdeck is a high-quality oil-based transparent stain using microscopically ground iron oxide pigments to help reflect the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays. Metamorphosis clients prefer Superdeck Transparent Redwood (1903) for its ability to keep the redwood looking its natural best.” Metamorphosis’ crews are active in the late Spring months doing maintenance, so the projects are at their peak appearance during the long Bay Area summers.

    Naturally strong, naturally beautiful, Humboldt Redwood, can be easily incorporated into joyful landscapes, like those designed by Metamorphosis Landscaping. “What’s nice about redwood is it can be translated from blueprint to reality very easily,” according to Mr. Galli.

    Michael Galli and his team at Metamorphosis Landscaping design not only decks with Humboldt Redwood, but also pergolas, trellis, gates, garden boxes, and more. Humboldt Redwood timbers are particularly prized for their span ratings. Many of the pergolas Mr. Galli designs are very large and encompass an entire outdoor living eco-system, whether with an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, or spa area underneath.

    PR Contact:

    Jessica Hewitt

  • Hospitality Industry and Redwood Lumber Make for Excellent Pairing

    California Winery Selects Humboldt Redwood for Unique Tasting Pagoda

    Visitors to ZO Wines, a family owned farmstay vineyard and winery estate, in Sonoma County, California, have a unique space to enjoy the award-winning wines while taking in spectacular views of Dry Creek Valley. A pavilion designed with inspiration from Japanese pagodas was added to the property in mid-2019, providing an intimate area for tasting and relaxing. When selecting materials for the project, the winery looked no further than locally sourced and sustainably produced Humboldt Redwood.

    David Eckert, owner, winemaker, and grower at ZO Wines, recalls his thoughts when first purchasing the property in 2012: “There were a few key things missing. For one, we didn’t have a great place to enjoy views of the vineyard, so we decided to create a deck and pavilion.” A large redwood deck with a pergola was first added to the historic 1906 main house, followed later by the tasting pavilion.

    At the heart of ZO Wines’ winemaking philosophy is the requirement of the ‘right fruit, from the right places, grown with the right people.’ The vineyard on the property, established in 1999 as ‘Triple Ten Vineyard,’ accomplishes this and further carries through a Japanese theme. The Japanese word ‘Ten’ (天), means heaven or heavenly.

    “We had a vision of connecting to the vineyard’s roots, which are of Japanese origin, yet we also wanted it to match the Sonoma County aesthetics. So, when it came time to choose the materials for our pavilion, redwood was a no brainer,” adds Eckert. 

    Sustainably harvested Humboldt Redwood was the perfect match for ZO Wines, which is a CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE winery focusing on small-batch production using environmentally friendly practices. David recalls the reasons he chose Humboldt Redwood specifically: “One of the things we really liked was their alignment with our sustainability philosophy. We also love the look and feel of the wood: it keeps cool on hot days and adds a nice texture to our winery environment.”

    While all wine tasting experiences are by appointment only, ZO Wines functions as a farmstay, frequently welcoming overnight guests. With frequent visitors and the typical wear and tear associated with the hospitality industry, durability was also an important factor in choosing to build with Humboldt Redwood.

    With a long-term commitment to sustainability, Humboldt Redwood grows more redwood than is harvested annually. The company maintains Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certification for its timberlands in Northern California. From decking and siding to timbers and uppers, Humboldt Redwood has a variety of products for different construction needs.

    PR Contact:

    Jessica Hewitt


  • Humboldt Redwood Timbers
    Redwood timbers in exposed beam, shade structure, and timber frame construction produce dramatic results. Redwood provides environmental advantages over alternative materials. Certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and LEED eligible....

  • Redwood timbers are one of the lightest, yet strongest, softwoods found in North America, making them ideal for a wide range of building applications. Redwood timbers also make for beautiful design elements when used in exposed construction applications such as beams, rafters, shade structures, and timber framing. In addition, Redwood timbers are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable, providing environmental advantages over alternative materials.  

    Humboldt Redwood timbers are offered rough or surfaced, in 6-inch and larger sizes, in lengths up to 20 feet. Humboldt Redwood timbers are also available in 3-inch and 4-inch dimension as well. Contractors and architects specifying projects with solid sawn Redwood timbers are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Humboldt Redwood Uppers
    Redwood uppers may be used for high-end, specialty uses including fascia, millwork, paneling, siding, trim, and wainscoting. Sustainable, environmentally certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and LEED eligible....

  • Redwood uppers are high value, appearance products for finishing applications including fascia, millwork, paneling, siding, trim, and wainscoting. Featuring natural warmth, beauty, and long-lasting durability, Redwood uppers also feature Class B flame spread and are approved for use in California’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire hazard severity zones without restriction.

    Humboldt Redwood uppers are offered green or dry, as well as surfaced, rough, or surfaced one side two edges (S1S2E), in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch dimension. Typical grades include Heart Clear, Clear, Heart B, and B Grade. Contractors and architects specifying projects with Redwood uppers are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Humboldt Redwood Decking
    Redwood decking has been the premier choice for builders, contractors, and homeowners for decades. No other decking material mimics the natural beauty, durability, strength, and warmth found in real Redwood deck boards and accessories....

  • Redwood decking is one of nature’s finest and strongest building materials with shear strength up to five times greater than plastic composite decking. All this strength and durability comes packaged in a lightweight wood that’s easy to work with, which helps lower overall construction costs. On top of all these benefits, Redwood decking is beautiful. It’s rich, warm color and grain pattern will look great even as it ages. Redwood decking also features Class B flame spread and is approved for use in California’s Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire hazard severity zones without restriction. 

    Humboldt Redwood decking is offered green or dry, surfaced four sides (S4S), and in 2”x4” and 2”x6” dimension in lengths 6—20 feet. Typical grades include Heart Clear, Clear, Heart B, B Grade, Selected Heart, Deck Heart, and Deck Common. Contractors and architects specifying projects with Redwood decking are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Humboldt Redwood Fencing
    Redwood fencing is an exceptional value. Native to California, no other natural wood species performs as well as Redwood in fencing applications. Available products include pickets, panels, and accessories....

  • Redwood fencing is the go-to in California. Durable Redwood heartwood fencing is naturally resistant to termites and decay. Economical Redwood sapwood fencing can be used in above ground applications, namely fence pickets and top rails. Redwood heartwood fence posts in 4-inch, 6-inch, and even larger dimension will remain strong and durable for a long service life.

    Humboldt Redwood fencing products include pickets, panels, and accessories in both durable heartwood grades as well as economical sapwood grades. Contractors and architects specifying projects with Redwood fencing are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Humboldt Redwood Fingerjoint Primed
    Clear Redwood fingerjoint primed shiplap and trim are now available from Humboldt Redwood. Ideal for reconstruction and remodeling projects, clear Redwood fingerjoint primed shiplap and trim may be used in exterior or interior applications....

  • Clear Redwood fingerjoint primed shiplap is ideal for reconstruction and remodeling projects throughout California and beyond where matching an existing, exterior shiplap pattern is desired. It may also be used in interior applications to achieve shiplap feature walls popular with designers. Shiplap stocking patterns are 793 and 794; all other pattern stock available via special order. Boards are surfaced one side, two edges (S1S2E) and factory pre-primed.

    Clear Redwood fingerjoint trim may be used in any and all trim applications, whether exterior or interior, where the natural durability of Redwood is desired. Available dimensions include 1”x4” through 1”x12” and 2”x4” through 2”x12” in 16’ and 20’ lengths. Boards are surfaced one side, two edges (S1S2E) and factory pre-primed.

    Contractors and architects specifying projects with clear Redwood fingerjoint shiplap or trim are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Douglas-fir Timbers
    Douglas-fir timbers feature excellent span and structural design values for exposed beams, framing, headers, rafters, and timber frame construction. Sustainable, certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and LEED eligible....

  • Douglas-fir timbers may be used extensively in new construction and remodeling projects in a variety of applications. Douglas-fir timbers readily accept paints and stains extremely well. The American Wood Council recognizes heavy timber construction as fire resistive. Architects and designers may reference Design for Code Acceptance 2: Design of Fire-Resistive Exposed Wood Members, which is available to download free on the American Wood Council website.

    Douglas-fir timbers from Humboldt Redwood are offered in 6-inch and larger sizes, in lengths up to 24 feet. Humboldt Redwood Douglas-fir timbers are also available in 3-inch and 4-inch dimension as well. Free of heart center (FOHC) Douglas-fir timbers available by special order. Contractors and architects specifying projects with solid sawn Douglas-fir timbers are encouraged to contact a Humboldt Redwood dealer.

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  • Allweather Wood Preservative Treated Lumber
    Allweather Wood preservative treated lumber is tough against the elements, yet easy on the environment. Preservative treated lumber is a renewable resource. The addition of preservative treatment ensures durability and long service life....

  • With manufacturing and distribution locations in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, and year-round production of all waterborne preservative systems and wood species, Allweather Wood counts as the largest waterborne preservative treated lumber manufacturer in the Western U.S. Each of our five state-of-the-art facilities features high-speed incisors, custom pre-staining capabilities, computer controlled treatment cylinders, and full distribution capabilities. Our facilities also undergo third-party quality control inspection in accordance with American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) industry standards.

    Contractors and architects specifying projects with preservative treated lumber are encouraged to contact an Allweather Wood dealer.

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