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Peter Zeihan, "The Scramble for Power"

Geopolitical expert Peter Zeihan explains the massive global power shifts underway—and how to adapt

Wednesday, June 10
Esplanade Ballroom

Most countries and companies are not prepared for the world Peter Zeihan says we’re already living in. As a new age of American isolationism dawns, the results will have massive—and surprising—implications for global power structures and economies. And, he projects, it will usher in the greatest expansion in American power and security in the history of the Republic. Combining expertise in demography, economics, energy, politics, technology and security, Zeihan helps clients—corporations, policy makers, government agencies—make sense of a complicated world. In this fascinating and eye-opening keynote address, he’ll help you understand why our world is changing so fast, who will emerge as winners and losers, and how you can position your company now to get ahead of it all.

John K. Coyle, "Time 2.0"

John Coyle reveals how to slow the passage of time—and live richer, more meaningful lives.

Thursday, June 11
Esplanade Ballroom

Time, as we experience it, is not linear. Why did the summers of our childhood seem to last so much longer than they do as adults? Why do we perceive time as accelerating the older we get? Is there a way to design our lives to reverse these trends, to slow and expand time? The answer is yes! John Coyle is an Olympic medalist, design thinking expert, bestselling author, and thought leader in the neuroscience and psychology of how humans process time. In this unique and mind-bending talk, John will share breakthrough ideas on how to re-think your relationship with time. Using both vivid storytelling and concrete data, he’ll explore how to design time-stopping experiences for yourself, your loved ones and your customers—and live richer, more meaningful lives in the process.

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