Tuesday: Pre-Conference Events

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Held in smaller, interactive settings, Tuesday’s pre-conference events provide deep, hands-on learning—a more focused experience before the crowds arrive and the show kicks off on Wednesday.

Pre-Conference Workshop*

A popular staple at PCBC, workshops offer an in-depth study of topics critical to your company’s success. With a longer format than standard sessions, you’ll have plenty of time to work through practical applications and case studies of the information presented. And in a smaller, classroom setting, they’re ideal for interaction and detailed note-taking.

Pre-Conference Housing Tours*

From top sellers, to multifamily & mixed-use developments, the San Francisco Bay Area provides vibrant examples of diverse housing product. These daylong, docent-led tours offer a great way to explore the area's housing.

You'll gain ideas and inspiration from architecture and land planning.

*The Pre-Conference Workshop and Tours will be announced in February 2020.