PCBC Presents: Multifamily Trends Forum

Thursday, June 11, 2020 

See what’s forecast for multi-family housing sales and rentals.

About the Forum
The multifamily market continues its above-average performance with strong renter demand spurring investor demand, pushing up values and refocusing developers on new projects. Given the active pace of new multifamily development over the past few years, many would expect the US apartment market to begin reaching equilibrium with a gradual tapering off of new unit deliveries. While certain submarkets are beginning to experience slower absorption, others continue to outperform. Whichever side of the development pendulum you are on, it is now more critical than ever to differentiate your product to better appeal to a more discerning and selective resident base. In order to maintain a competitive edge, savvy developers must adopt creative solutions that will appeal to the resident of today and tomorrow.

This year’s sixteenth Annual Multifamily Trends Forum is a content-rich, full-day program focused exclusively on high-level design and development trends. This year’s program will help you stay ahead of the curve, with expert perspectives on the economy and real estate markets, shifting development patterns, and new ways to think about floor plans, parking and amenities.

The Multifamily Trends Forum provides unmatched analysis and forecasting of the forces shaping for-rent and for-sale multifamily housing development.