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PCBC 2019 Call for Proposals is Open

We invite you to submit your proposals for programming that will challenge, equip and inspire our industry in the year ahead. Our attendees are seeking deeper, open, and honest conversation at a high level with cross-departmental focus.

Instructions for submitting proposals:

  1. Proposals are due by Thursday, October 25 at 5:00pm (PST).
  2. Please read the PCBC CFP Guidelines
  3. Prepare your proposal in advance by reviewing the PCBC CFP Questions.
  4. Be original and creative. Programs repeated from other industry conferences are much less likely to be considered.
  5. Proposals designed to promote products or services will not be considered.
  6. After reviewing the documents above, please start your proposal by clicking the link below.

Deadline: October 25, 5:00pm (PST)

You will be notified by mid-December whether or not your proposal has been accepted by the Program Committee.

"You guys do neat stuff."

This is what a recent attendee shared with me about PCBC’s education offerings, and I knew that we’d hit the mark. That succinct quote—without its usual industry jargon and buzzwords—perfectly encapsulates our education goal: unique, direct, fresh, relevant, and practical. (Yes, all of those, and at the same time).

If you’re interested in being a PCBC speaker, here’s some helpful info about your audience. PCBC attendees:

  1. Look for a cross-departmental focus. Marketing people jump into land sessions, design people head into multifamily sessions. They want to look at programming in their own professional focus, but then also explore “outside their area.” Few attendees keep a narrow focus.
  2. Pay for and attend for the quality of education. Your session needs to be so valuable professionally that it’s worth their airfare, hotel, and registration. (And that’s the lens we’ll use when we review your proposal.)
  3. Research who you are. Have you already presented this session at another show? If so, they’ll pass. (See #2 on seeking the most ROI for attendance cost.)

The PCBC 2019 theme is “Step Inside”—in education, that means people and topics that provokes, moves our industry forward, gives our attendees new eyes to look at things a different way. Looking forward to reading your ideas and topics!

Mike SturdivantMike Sturdivant 
Conferences Director

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