Open-to-All Education

Open to All Education

Each year we dedicate sessions that are complimentary to all attendees—giving Exhibit Pass holders the opportunity to engage in the rich PCBC educational experience.In 2018, PCBC offered these sessions:

  • Remodelers: Lessons From Industry Leaders
  • Remodelers: How Do You Compare: Performance Metrics of the High Performers
  • A Paradigm Shift: Looking at Quality as an Investment Rather than a Cost of Doing Business
  • Reducing Friction for Green Multifamily Buildings
  • Remodelers: Exit Strategies: Options as You Approach the Finish Line
  • EMERGENCY! Dealing with Disaster – Rebuilding after the Fires
  • Remodelers: Solving the Skills Gap
  • Selecting Fresh Air Ventilation Systems To Meet Energy Codes
  • Getting Entitled - Projects, Progress and Pitfalls

Open-to-All Education sessions for PCBC 2019 will be announced in February 2019.