Anaheim Convention Center
June 19-20, 2024


Creative, bold, and multidisciplinary, re:think is a two-day immersion into consumer trends, research insights, design solutions, and strategies to position your company, your products and your people for the changing market. Day One will bring you high-level, visionary thinkers looking at the world beyond the four walls of homebuilding. Day Two will deliver tactical, actionable insights from the industry’s leading practitioners.


re:think Sessions & Agenda

Day 1: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

ACC North, Second Level, Keynote Ballroom

10:00am – 12:00pm

How Might We?
re:think facilitator and idea catalyst Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki will get things started with a “How might we?” creative exercise fueled by interactive audience polling that engages your brain—and your thumbs—in the shape of the day ahead.

In This Economy?
Described by Fast Company as “the coolest econ nerd on the internet,” Kyla Scanlon studies the economy through the lens of how it feels to everyday people. In daily TikTok and Instagram videos that synthesize financial news in under a minute, she makes complex information accessible to her largely Gen Z audience.

Cities For People, Not Cars
Ryan Johnson is co-founder and CEO of Culdesac, developer of the first car-free neighborhood in the US. Located in Tempe, Arizona, the project is hailed as “a pedestrian oasis.” Ryan’s long-term vision is to bring the urban walkability of New York and San Francisco to America’s Sunbelt cities.

Nina Simon is an expert on the design of places and organizations that are lively, engaging and people centered. When life took an unexpected turn in 2020—not the one you’re thinking of—she pivoted and wrote her first novel, the New York Times bestselling Mother-Daughter Murder Night.

12:00 – 1:00pm

Lunch and book signing – boxed lunch provided, or sample the food trucks outdoors in PCBC Plaza

1:00 – 2:30pm

Be Inspired and Inspire Others
On her path from emerging professional to established leader, Jaime Matheron learned invaluable lessons about the two-way street of giving and receiving mentorship. In this short but powerful personal story, she will share key insights into nurturing and developing up-and-coming leaders—and the importance of learning and growth as a lifelong process, not something that ends when you’ve “arrived.” 

The Power of Inclusion and Belonging
Tasha Jones is one of the nation’s leading voices for marketing, branding, and business strategy rooted in an authentic commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Cutting through corporate DEI jargon, Tasha helps businesses tap the power of diverse teams—and diverse communities—bringing their full creative potential to the table.

Bring on Boring: The Opportunity Ahead in Leveling Out Life
The past few years have seen a surge of everything—demand, inflation, expectations, spending, AI, hype, anxieties, passions. But consumers have become fatigued. Not disconnected and certainly not disengaged. Just ready to find the extraordinary in the ordinary again—which will open up fresh opportunities for growth in a marketplace undergoing profound dislocations from technology, demographics and economic challenges. Consumer trends expert J. Walker Smith will offer insights into the power of boring as a platform for inspiration and innovation.

2:30 – 2:45pm


2:45 – 4:00pm

Creativity and the Power of Place
Mixing things up—literally—we’ll hear from Okorie “OkCello” Johnson, a cellist/songwriter whose artistry integrates cello performance, live-sound-looping, improvisation, and storytelling. Get ready for a transcendent experience of richly layered music punctuated by vivid and deeply moving stories.

Krista and Phil Franks help leaders boost performance by maximizing their ROI—Return on Intention. They’re the creators of “Strategic Planning for Life,” a framework used by CEOs, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies to build their businesses—and their lives—around deeply held values.

4:00 – 5:00pm

Unlocked: A Deeper Dive
After Krista and Phil Franks give their main stage presentation, they'll host a smaller, interactive workshop to further unpack and apply the concepts from their talk—a bonus session for attendees wanting to dig deeper into intentional leadership.


Day 2: Thursday, June 20, 2024

ACC North, Second Level, Room 251C

10:00am – 12:00pm
[ Created in collaboration with Do You Convert ]

New Home Marketing is Breaking – Let’s Fix It
Technology has brought a massive change in how people communicate, socialize, shop, consume information, create, and recreate—but how we brand, market, and sell new homes often looks more like 2004 than 2024. Marketing expert and popular podcast host Kevin Oakley will lay out the challenges and opportunities facing builders and developers today based on in-depth interactions with over 100 home builders in the past year. He’ll then facilitate candid conversations with some of the industry’s top practitioners to explore smart strategies and forward-thinking solutions.

Kevin Oakley, Managing Partner, Do You Convert

Go Beyond the Catalog With Your Content
Remember the Sears catalog? It used to be bleeding-edge content. Now it’s a relic. You must continually adapt your approach to sharing your authentic story in a way that people actually want to absorb—that earns the right to be given attention! Unfortunately, too many have merely focused on creating a digital version of the catalog as their entire content strategy. Two of the industry’s most passionate practitioners will share real-world examples of content marketing strategies that have generated significantly increased results. Hint: It’s all rooted in connecting company culture with your external brand in a genuine, relatable, and trustworthy way.

Dawn Dantzler, VP Marketing & Customer Experience, Tilson Homes
Gina Nixon, Head of Customer + Brand Experience, Thomas James Homes

The Data Dilemma & Proper Adoption of AI
Our access to data and AI tools has massively increased our knowledge and capabilities to reach prospective buyers. Done right, these tools can make companies more efficient, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Done wrong, they can lead to inefficiency, disgruntled internal and external customers, and even brand damage. Hear from two of the industry’s top data-driven marketers about how to make sure you’re capturing and analyzing the right data—and how to empower its use throughout your organization. They'll also share their candid experience and opinions on the most likely ways that AI can help—once the data is ready.

Andrew Polgar, Director of Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Tri Pointe Homes
Steve Whaley, SVP Corporate Strategy, Fischer Homes

The (Current) Limits of AI
The power of AI is undeniable, but it’s not a magic wand and certainly not a cure-all for bad strategies or processes. Two experts in proptech with personal experience building companies around the power of AI will give their reality-check perspectives on what it can do for you, what it can’t (currently) do, and how to frame the right business approach and mindset to maximize success.

Paul Cardis, Chief Executive Officer, On3
Ed Carey, Founder & CEO, Audience Town

Modern Conversion Strategies For Today's Stressed-Out Consumer
There are new rules for lead conversion that every builder needs to understand in order to connect with today's stressed-out consumer. The conversion metrics have shifted, and customer outreach and style of follow-up has to adjust to maintain momentum. Let the data of over 80 highly optimized builders help you formulate the best go-forward strategy for 2024 and beyond!

Mike Lyon, President, Do You Convert

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Lunch break with interactive discussion – boxed lunch provided

1:00pm – 3:00pm
[ Created in collaboration with JBREC ]

Big Shifts Revisited
Demographics guru Chris Porter cowrote the book on population shifts across America and their impact on business. Since then, the pace of change has only increased—fueled by the pandemic, remote work, technology, affordability, immigration, and many other factors. At PCBC, he’ll share the latest demographic trends and what they mean for real estate, housing demand, and the future of your business.

Chris Porter, Senior VP / Chief Demographer, John Burns Research & Consulting

Finding Success with Today’s Buyers
Successful homes and communities are delivering on buyers’ needs and desires for health, safety, mobility, attainability, convenience, lifestyle, and a sense of place and identity. Easier said than done, of course. This session will dive into the challenges and solutions of supporting today's buyers, with specific focus on elements of design, technology, sustainable materials, and building techniques that are making it achievable.

Peter Dennehy, Senior Vice President, John Burns Research & Consulting
Alan Scales, Principal, KTGY
Ian Schnack, National Director of Product Design, Meritage Homes
Katie Yost, Associate / Senior Designer, Bassenian Lagoni Architects

Envisioning Success with Tomorrow’s Buyers
Next, we’ll take a forward look at design ideas for the evolving generations—from the early wave of Gen Z leaving the nest, to Millennials now in peak buying years, to Gen X approaching retirement. What will it mean to design homes, spaces and communities for these future buyers? What can today’s insights tell us about tomorrow’s trends in spaces, environments, materials and amenities? These research-driven design innovators will look ahead and give us their expert perspective.

Peter Dennehy, Senior Vice President, John Burns Research & Consulting
Seth Hart, Principal + Owner, DTJ Design
Jessica Steeves, Senior VP, Mid-Atlantic, Builders Design