Legislative Update: What Apartment and Condo Builders Need to Know

  • Room: ACC North, 200 Level, Room 253C
Thursday, May 25, 2023: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM



Eric Llera
Pacific Interwest Building Consultants
Glen Martin
President & CEO
Pacific InterWest


California Senate Bills 721 and 326 add new construction standards for apartment and condo builders—not to mention cost, liability and risk factors—and failure to prepare for them may result in significant financial and legal consequences. Stemming from the Berkeley deck collapse, these bills require inspections of elevated elements to prevent future failures and risk of injury. Beyond that, they give plaintiff attorneys unprecedented access to the buildings you’ve constructed, opening you to new legal risk. This critical session will help you understand changes to the building code, what types of multifamily construction require the inspections, how to adapt your current construction plans and HOA or Operation budgets for the inspections, and tools to prepare for the financial and legal challenges you may face.

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding SB721 & 326 and what types of multi-family construction requires the inspections.
2. Prepare your current construction plans and HOA or Operation budgets for the inspections
3. Understanding the deadlines, dates, and durations
4. How did the code change with regard to Elevated Elements