Vincent Barbato

Family Development


With a degree in Psychology from UCLA, starting a brokerage in 1986 that specialized in new home sales when interest rates were hovering around 12% might not have sounded like the wisest choice of career paths, but it proved to be the best foundation that Vincent Barbato could have ever received. In 15 years, by working closely with builders both large and small to develop dynamic and successful sales and marketing programs for all new home products, Vince was able to build his company to become one of the largest in the United States, eventually selling the firm to Prudential New Homes. Over that time, Vince became a nationally recognized speaker and expert on new home sales, design and marketing.

For Family Development, Vince utilizes his 30+ years of experience to design everything from land plans and architecture to marketing campaigns. To do so, Vince spends much of his time researching and listening to homebuyers to learn their values and incorporate them into each design. Under his guidance, Family Development has received every major design accolade from Gold Nuggets to Project of the Year awards.


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