Aisha Weeks

Managing Director
Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth


Aisha T. Weeks is the Managing Director of the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth, an impact investment fund that seeks to close the racial wealth gap through homeownership. Under Aisha’s leadership, the Dearfield Fund has provided more than $2MM in downpayment assistance to first-time Black and African American homebuyers in the Denver metro area. During Aisha’s tenure as Managing Director, the Dearfield Fund has raised $8 million in its initial round of funding. Aisha has also partnered with local and national housing stability leaders, led the development of a wrap-around services program to help homeowners on their wealth-building journey and established lender underwriting criteria.

Prior to joining the Dearfield Fund, Aisha worked for the City of Cleveland where she led the City’s community reinvestment and cross-sector partnership initiatives. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Aisha has extensive experience in consumer and small business lending, housing policy and advocacy, equity planning, and piloting and implementing financial inclusion strategies. Aisha is a National Urban Fellow alumna and VC Include Fellow. She has previously worked at Citibank and at Cleveland State University as an adjunct professor. She has served on several boards, social service impact committees and micro-loan funds.


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