Christopher Thornberg PhD

Founding Partner
Beacon Economics LLC


Dr. Christopher Thornberg has been called many things throughout his career as an economist – “Dr. Doom,” a contrarian, even an optimist – but his favorite thing to be called is always: correct. He founded Beacon Economics in 2006, and under his leadership the firm has become one of the most respected research organizations in the nation. Dr. Thornberg is the Director of UC Riverside School of Business’ Center for Economic Forecasting and Development, an Adjunct Professor at the School, and he holds a Ph.D in Business Economics from The Anderson School at UCLA.

An expert in forecasting, policy, labor, and real estate markets, Dr. Thornberg has consulted for cities, counties, private industry, and public agencies. He became nationally known for forecasting the subprime market crash that began in 2007, and he was one of the few economists on record to predict the global economic recession that followed. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he stood in opposition to the panic over a Depression that never happened, and he consistently urges his audiences to beware of narratives that diverge from the reality of data.


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