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Wednesday, June 22

Prepare for Innovative Disruption
Sam Rashkin, architect and pioneer of high-performance housing, author of Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide

The Connected, Resilient, All-Electric Home
Arch Rao, founder & CEO of SPAN — award-winning reinventor of the 100-year-old electrical panel, helping to power homes with clean, renewable energy

Housing as a Product
Greg Leung, CEO of Connect Homes — an award-winning designer, builder and installer of single-family homes that are green, modern, efficient and beautiful

Inside the Smart Connected Home
Anja Seng, Senior Research Analyst, New Home Trends Institute, and William Ramsey, Principal, KTGY — creators of the Smart Connected Home responding to the new normal of consumer wants and needs

Decarbonization: What It Is and Why We Need It
Sara Gutterman, CEO of Green Builder Media — North America’s leading green building media company, providing expertise on energy efficiency, healthy homes, connected living, and building science

Decarbonization Solutions for the Built Environment
C.R. Herro, EVP of Operations, bettr homes, and Bill Rectanus, COO of Thrive Home Builders — two of the nation's leading builders of efficient, healthy, high performing homes

Manufacturing Construction or Constructing Manufacturing
Helena Lidelöw, CTO of Volumetric Building Companies — a global leader in modular construction, providing high-quality, sustainably produced buildings in less time

Redefining the Built Environment
Hal Hinkle, CEO of BamCore — a studless framing solution using timber bamboo to deliver a customized, code-compliant wall system

Thursday, June 23

10:30-10:50am - CANCELLED
Addressing Embodied Carbon's Role in Climate Change 
Stacy Smedley, executive director of Building Transparency — providing open-access data and tools to help builders evaluate embodied carbon levels in building materials

Insights from the America at Home Study
Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, tst ink, author of America At Home Study — a groundbreaking research project exploring post-pandemic changes in how Americans feel about home and community design

Ring for the Home Builders: Always Home for Your Homeowners
Rian Steffens, Head of Builder Channel & Strategic Partnerships, Ring — a leader in home security systems whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer

Expediting Affordable Housing through AI
Iman Novin, founder of ProforMap — a data-driven AI platform to streamline development of affordable housing

Tiny Home Villages
Jake Medcalf, founder of Firm Foundation Community Housing, and Ed Wood, president of CoBuild Construction — creators of innovative tiny home communities to provide affordable housing solutions

A New Way of Thinking Inside the Box
Brad Wills, Director of Strategic Customers & Programs, Schneider Electric — a global leader in energy technologies, helping to accelerate the transition to a more electric world

The Future of Smart Home Automation
Dan Ross, VP of Sales, Savant Power — creators of smart home systems that help make environments more efficient, healthy and energy-independent

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