DoorKing, Inc.  

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United States
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DoorKing was established in 1948 and is one of the countries largest manufacturers of vehicular gate operating products and access control systems, for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA at our Inglewood, CA manufacturing facilities.  Our innovative access control systems are able to use the internet, cellular or plain old telephone lines for both programming and voice communications.  Please visit our web site at for more information.


  • 1812i Telephone Entry System
    Guest and visitor access control for the home....

  • The 1812i is the most advanced and versatile telephone entry system that allows the homeowner to control and program their system from virtually anywhere.  The 1812i is browser based.  All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to program and control the entry system. And, with the DKS mobile app, you can program and control the system right from a smartphone.  The 1812i features broadcast calling which allows multiple phones to ring simultaneously when the call button is pushed.  The 1812i can control up to three entry points and operates with either an Internet (VoIP) or cellular connection – your choice!

  • 1830 Cellular Telephone Entry System
    Telephone entry and access control for commercial and industrial applications. Cellular connection simplifies installation....

  • DoorKing’s 1830 Series telephone entry systems with a cellular connection provides not only voice communication for the entry system, but also uses the cellular network for all programming functions.  Most other cellular telephone entry systems that claim they can program over the cellular network use text message functions for programming.  The DKS system uses true machine to machine (M2M) language for programming.  This allows users to program their DKS entry systems just as they always have in the past.  All they need is an internet connection and the DoorKing programming software, which is available as a free download from the company’s web site.  Installation is greatly simplified because the need to run phone lines, Ethernet cables or other data wiring is completely eliminated.  Just connect the cellular device to the DKS system and its up and running in not time.  No more worrying about noisy phone lines or wiring distance limitations.  In addition, end users can save money as the monthly cellular fees are typically less than the cost of a hard wired commercial POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) land line.  The 1830 Series can control up to 48 entry points with the addition of Tracker Expansion Boards.

  • 9024 DC Slide Gate Operator
    Residential and commercial slide gate operator has built-in battery backup and can be solar powered....

  • The Model 9024 is a commercial grade DC slide gate operator that features a powerful 24-Volt 1/2 HP Quadra Drive DC motor and a full size 30:1 gear reduction system built on a heavy-duty steel frame platform.  Electronically, the 9024 has all the advanced features found in other DKS gate operators, like an adjustable partial open limit setting, anti-tailgating circuit, plug-in loop detectors, selectable stop or reverse loop functions and Gate Tracker reporting output.  Mechanical limit switches provide precise gate control and the easy to use “T” handle release system re-connects automatically when released for automatic operation.

    DoorKing is offering the 9024 in two distinct versions.  The AC powered version operates on 115 or 230 VAC input power, switch selectable, and features 115 VAC convenience outlets with either input voltage applied.  The built-in battery backup provides operation should the source power be interrupted and a battery protection circuit insures that batteries charge state are at nominal levels.  The Solar power version is designed for applications where there is no AC power available and the system will be powered by battery and solar panels alone.  The 0.0 Amp SBPD(patpend) circuit in this version insures that battery power is not being drained while the system is in a standby (waiting) mode.

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification
    AVI system provides access control for the vehicle, not the person....

  • The DKS automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system uses passive card technology, which means that the card/tag does not contain a battery, so they never wear out. The reader emits an RF signal which powers the card when the card enters the scanning area of the reader antenna. The card relays its code back to the reader which then sends the card’s number to the connected access control system in a standard 26-bit wiegand format, allowing it to be used with just about any access controller. There is an interface module supplied with the card reader that eliminates the need to set up the system using a computer. All necessary settings and adjustments can be made using the DIP and rotary switches on the card reader control board. It’s an easy way to setup the reader system and employ many of the features effortlessly.

    The system operates in the UHF band and uses frequency-hopping technology.  Advanced features allow installers to adjust the system to specific application requirements.  Some of these advanced features include a Timing Mode and a Trigger Mode of operation.  In timing mode, installers can adjust the rate at which the system will attempt to read a card within the read range and in trigger mode, the system will not attempt to read a card unless a trigger is activated, such as a vehicle on a detection loop.  The read range of the system is easily adjustable from 8 feet up to 25 feet.  Credentials available include a standard UHF card, a license plate tag and a headlight tag.  There is also a dual technology card available which allows the same credential to be used with the long range system and standard short range card readers.