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West Coast SIP is a California based innovative building material manufacturer specializing in Structural Insulated Panels. West Coast SIP is a licensed R-Control manufacture. Our 100,000 Sq. state of art facility uses highly technical laser equipment. Providing the most High Performance SIPs structures to meet the new 2020 Net Zero Energy codes requirements. SIPs are better for the environment for the life cycle of the building, the cost to the environment, transportation, installation, use, and end of life reuse, recycling, or disposal.

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  • West Coast SIPs is a California based innovative building material manufacturer specializing in Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) located in the Wasco, CA. Our 100,000-sq. ft. state of art production facility uses highly technical laser guided equipment to produce the highest quality SIPs available. West Coast SIP is a licensed R-Control manufacturer as well as a member of Structural Insulated Panel Association.


    West Coast SIPS provides the western United States with high-performance wall systems capable of meeting the anticipated 2020 Zero Net Energy building code requirements. Our central California location allows us to supply both Residential and Commercial projects with the best performing wall envelope system on the market today.


    West Coast SIP panels are manufactured using SIP grade OSB (oriented strand board) for strength, durability, and longevity. All West Coast SIPs panels are treated Frameguard® for mold resistance as well as termite & fungal decay prevention. West Coast SIPs are made using Foam Control® EPS (expanded polystyrene) engineered to provide the greatest strength and energy efficiency possible. For more information about West Coast SIPs or to learn more about SIPs please visit us at www.westcoastsips.com


  • R Control Structural Insulated panels
    R Control SIPs a leader in the industry since 1988. R-Control SIPs are engineered and custom manufactured to give you control over every aspect of your project: from design, timelines, to materials and cost,

  • The advantages are, unlimited design, Superior strength, State of art energy efficiency, 50% construction time, lower labor cost, reduce waste, includes Perform Guard and 20 year warranty.

    R Control SIPs are a strong structural system consisting of Foam-Control EPS ( expanded polysryrene) insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. This simple sandwich forms an amazing strong structural panel for building walls, roofs and floors.

    With their versatillity, strength, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency, R Control SIPs are ideal fo a wide range of residential and commercial projects. R Control SIPs open the door to virtually unlimited design possiblities: putting you in control of your building system, not the other way around. And every R Control SIP is custom made according to your specifications and drawings, so you can get exctly what you need for your project.

    R Control SIP R Values

    Panel Size       R value at 75* F                  R Value at 40* F

    4 1/2"                14.9                                         16.0

    6 1/2"                22.6                                         24.3

    8 1/4"                29.3                                         31.6

    10 1/4"              37.0                                         39.9

    12 1/4"              44.7                                         48.3

  • FrameGuard
    R-Control SIPs are heavyweights against the destructive
    agents of mold, mildew, and termites. The Foam-Control ®
    EPS in R-Control SIPs is treated with Perform Guard termite®
    protection. And the entire SIP, when treated with the
    FrameGuard Coating.

  • Safe and Effective.

    R-Control SIPs FrameGuard Coated are protected with
    organic fungicides and a borate compound tested to be
    effective.  The organic compounds remain close to the sur-
    face to provide protection against mold; moldicides inhibit
    the enzymes’ ability to break down the wood and consume
    the sugars and starches mold needs for growth.  Meanwhile
    the borate component penetrates into wood providing pro-
    tection against both fungi and termites.
    Built-in Protection
    When you specify R-Control SIPs FrameGuard Coated,
    is your one chance to specify mold-resistant framing
    there is built-in protection against future costly repairs due
    and prevent mold problems in the future.  R-Control
    to mold, fungi, and termites.  From
    SIPs FrameGuard Coated is your solution.  FrameGuard
    the time the building materials
    Coated mold-resistant wood gives your client an added
    arrive on the job site, throughout
    level of protection; plus, it’s backed by a warranty.
    construction and after occupancy
    of the structure, FrameGuard
    Coating continues to protect the
    R-Control SIP structure and the
    • Protects against mold
    owner’s investment.  Using
    • Protects against fungi/mildew
    FrameGuard Coated R-Control
    SIPs and wood components makes
    • Protects against termite damage
    good economic sense.

    Go Green.
    You will know R-Control SIPs
    FrameGuard Coated when you see
    them. A distinctive green colo-
    rant identifies wood treated with
    FrameGuard Coating.