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Advanced Stucco & Rainscreen Technology

“STUC-O-FLEX” - Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish, provides extreme crack bridging abilities in a durable, color integrated protective membrane that resists fading, dirt pick-up and lasts for decades. Nothing Bridges Cracks in Stucco like Stuc-O-Flex.

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"WATERWAY" - Rainscreen Drainage & Ventilation Mats create space for drainage and promote air circulation by convection. WaterWay consists of a polypropylene core of entangled filaments in thicknesses from a nominal 1/8” to 3/4”, bonded to a Moisture Resistive Filter Fabric that functions like an additional layer of WRB. WaterWay Mats are designed for Stucco, EIFS, Stone, Sidings and other Wall Cladding Systems.

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    STUC-O-FLEX - Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish...

  • Stuc-O-Flex “RUBBER” Stucco Finish

    STUC-O-FLEX® Finishes offer EXTREME CRACK BRIDGING abilities to enhance envelope integrity and mitigate water penetration issues. This durable, color integrated protective membrane resists fading, dirt pick-up, mold growth, and lasts for decades. Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. created this “Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish” back in 1986. Over 10,000 colors in four distinct aggregate choices from the heaviest southwest stucco to the most contemporary plaster finish – With 30 years of history, in 20 countries, covering over 500 million feet. Nothing bridges cracks in stucco like Stuc-O-Flex.

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    Maximum Crack Coverage & Bridging Abilities

    Breathable (WVT) = 13 Perms Average

    Calcium - Marble Aggregates (Prevents Rust)

    No Silica Sand

    Coating Integrity - Exceeds 30 Year Exposure

    Comprehensive ASTM Third Party Testing

    America's First Elastomeric Acrylic Finish

    500 Million Feet in Service World Wide

    Equally Effective Regardless of Climate

    (-70°F to 180°F)

    Class A Fire Rated

    New Construction, Retrofit or Repair

    Stuc-O-Flex Product Features

    1. Stuc-O-Flex is a water-based material - easy clean up while wet with soap and water.

    2. Stuc-O-Flex is safe, similar to water base latex paint.

    3. Stuc-O-Flex is class "A" fire rated - will not propagate flame / fire.

    4. Stuc-O-Flex is comprised of "100% Acrylic" polymer - best exterior performance.

    5. Stuc-O-Flex is manufactured in the United States of America.

    6. Easy to apply by trowel, or appropriate spray equipment.

    7. Stuc-O-Flex is available in twenty (20) standard colors; over 10,000 computer generated special colors.

    8. Uses include renovation, repair and new construction.

    9. Washability - Cured Stuc-O-Flex can be cleaned with hot water and soap or appropriate pressure washing.

    10. Stuc-O-Flex is chemical resistant against mineral spirits, paint thinner, muratic acid, etc...

    11. Stuc-O-Flex can be painted with an acrylic latex paint or Stuc-O-Flex Renew at a later point in time to change the color if desired. Designs can also be painted over Stuc-O-Flex after drying.

    12. Applications to most common construction surfaces.

    13. Provides a noise reduction coefficient reducing decibel levels when applied to interior walls including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, office buildings, etc...

    14. Minimum maintenance required after installation - Wash walls with appropriate power washer or by hand as required.

    15. Outstanding color consistency & color retention.

    16. Competitively priced.

    17. Unlimited textures opportunities in four different sized aggregate choices.

    18. Outstanding quality control and consistency in Stuc-O-Flex production.

    19. Building code compliant.

    20. Stuc-O-Flex is a breathable membrane- 10 -14 perms average (H2O vapor transmission).

    21. Stuc-O-Flex can be either field applied or prefabricated (panelized).

    22. Dries in 12 - 24 hours, complete cure in approximately 2 weeks.

    23. Provides outstanding hiding power against shadowing from substrate below.

    24. Outstanding resistance to environmental impact: freeze - thaw cycles, salt spray, wind driven rain, abrasion & chemical resistance, color retention, UV radiation.

    25. A preservative system in the Stuc-O-Flex Finish resists mold & mildew growth.

    WaterWay Rainscreen & Ventilation Mats...

  • WaterWay - Rainscreen Drainage & Ventilation Mats -

    consist of a polypropylene core of entangled filaments in thicknesses from a nominal 1/8” to 3/4”, depending on desired cavity space and cladding selection. The core is bonded to a Moisture Resistive Filter Fabric that functions like an additional layer of Weather Resistant Barrier.  WaterWay Rainscreen & Ventilations Mats are designed for Stucco, EIFS, Manufactured & Natural Stone, Fiber-Cement, Brick, Lap and Cedar Sidings and other Wall Cladding Systems.

    Google / YouTube “RAINSCREEN 10 THINGS TO KNOW” for an educational video

    Features and Benefits:

    1. Creates Separation between your building and cladding

    2. Forms a space for water Drainage:

    3. Provides a Capillary Break

    4. Offers Continuous Ventilation Convection:

    5. Fabrics functions like Additional layer of WRB

    6. Creates a Cushion / Reduces Cracks in Stucco & Stone

    7. Simple Interface with Adjacent Material

    8. No Special Training or Skills in Labor Force

    9. Installation efficiencies Compress Construction Schedules

    10. Creates a Thermal Break

    11. LEED Points / Green Build Advantage

    12. Sustainability - Increased Service Life

    13. Post Consumed / PP up to 40%

    14. Un-interrupted Space – Helps to Equalize Pressure in the Wall

    From Boston to Seattle, WaterWay drainage mats are finding acceptance with some of the most recognized and distinguished building enclosure specialists in North America. In both new construction and cases of cladding remediation, Drainage Mats accommodate essential criteria in today’s construction environment.

    Venetian Style Plaster...

  • Europlast:

    EuroPlast is a pre-colored, wet-mix 100% Acrylic polymer based interior & exterior coating system that transforms vertical walls into a classic example of Old World Venetian Style Plaster. This versatile decorative coating exhibits a rich aesthetic appearance with unlimited color and texture opportunities. Achieve a wide range of effects from Rustic plaster to smooth polished limestone.

    * Venetian Plaster at a Fraction of the Cost

    * Unique Formula Reduces Application Time

    * Hard and Durable - Ideal for Interior Applications

    * Superior Adhesive Qualities

    * Applications: Stucco, Brick, Block, Plaster, Cement Board, EIFS, Concrete

    * Primed Drywall for Interior Walls


    EuroSeal is a 100% Acrylic Polymer Antiquing Sealer for EuroPlast Finish. Euroseal can also be applied to Stucco, Plaster, Concrete, Brick, Block, Stone, and Acrylic finishes creating an “antique” or weathered appearance. It is highly resistant to moisture and helps to shed water in vertical wall applications while minimizing challenges associated with efflorescence and dirt pick-up.

    * Creates an Old world Appearance in New Construction

    * Breathable Film

    * Resists Water Penetration

    * Outstanding Resistance to Dirt Pick-Up

    * Stays Clear – Non Yellowing Acrylic

    * Resists Mold & Mildew Growth

    * Easy to use – Spray & Back-Roll

  • RENEW®
    Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Paint
    Formulated for CRACKED Stucco & Acrylic Finish...

  • "RENEW"

    is an elastomeric topcoat similar in appearance to your typical latex paint, while providing substantial elastomeric properties in a pre-colored, extremely durable weathering membrane.

    RENEW is a water-based pure acrylic formulation identical to Stuc-O-Flex finish excluding aggregate. It provides maximum crack bridging ability in a Low VOC paint type coating, with thermo-plastic and elastomeric properties allowing building movement while maximizing resistance against cracks.
    No product contains more pure acrylic polymer than RENEW. In fact we blend different polymers together creating just the right balance of stretchability and strength. 

    The product is thoroughly tested by independent laboratories against water penetration, wind driven rain, mold, mildew, salt spray, freeze thaw cycles, accelerated weathering, vapor permeability and bond strength. Even classifies as “Class A Fire Rated”.

    This coating creates a beautiful new appearance in any color providing years of service life absent any required maintenance – you’ll truly never have to paint again. Regardless of climate this resilient finish provides a stretchable barrier against water penetration and is perfect for new construction or enhancement of existing walls. “Your Project Justifies This Quality Product”.

    Portland Cement Plaster with an incorporated Rainscreen component to enhance performance and minimize problems resulting from water penetration...


    is an enhanced traditional stucco system that can be configured as a back ventilated, or a dead air cavity wall cladding system. Both configurations are considered drainage systems in that intruding moisture is able to drain to the exterior.

    The basic system consists of a WRB, WaterWay Rainscreen, Traditional Stucco, optional Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh with Polymer Modified Base-Coat and Stuc-O-Flex Elastomeric Acrylic Finish. 

    This design protects against water penetration by providing a drainage cavity that captures intruding moisture and drains it to the exterior. This coonfiguration not only protects against moisture infiltration but also allows for water vapor diffusion.

    Google: WATERWAY RAINSCREEN STUCCO ASSEMBLY for informational video.