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  • U Series Monoblock Doors
    U-series of doors is a wide variety of assembled panel doors with a new UV-Lacquer finish – UNILACK. Doors are coated with multiple coats of UV-lacquer, which makes finished product more resistant to chemical and mechanical exposure....

  • Basic Set:

    1. Door leaf without cuts 
    2. Telescopic casing, by the piece 
    3. Square door jamb, by the piece
    4. Door jamb extensions

    Opening systems:

    1. Barn Doors

    2. Book

    3. Ghost

    4. Rotory

  • L Series Modern and Classic Doors
    L Series is a collection of high gloss panel doors designed in Germany using state-of-the-art technology. This gloss coating ensures superior surface quality and provides ultimate gloss effect....

  • Basic Set:

    1.  Door leaf without mortising 

    2. Telescope door casings 16" х 80" х 2150/2440, per-piece sale

    3. Square door frame 33" х 74" х 2070/2440, per-piece sale

    4. Linings 10" х 100" mm х 2070/2440 and 10" х 150" mm х 2070/2440 

    Standard door leaf dimensions: 400/500/600/700/800 x 1900/2000 mm 

    Custom size: door leaf dimensions can be selected at 5 cm height increments (max. 2200 mm) and width increments (max. 1000 mm). 

    Custom-sized items at 5 cm increments are available (not applicable to all models). 

    Door leaf thickness is 36 mm.

  • E Series Modern Doors
    E Series is an innovative flush door collection finished in matte and satin UNILACK, UV-Lacquer, developed by Renolit (Munich). The collection has 7 colors and more than 40 models....

  • Basic Set:

    1. Door panels for mortising: 
    1.1 AGB Twin hinge mortising 
    1.2 AGB Eclipse hinge mortising 

    2. Door frame: 
    2.1 40 х 80 х 2150 Twin (2 x AGB Twin surface-mounted hinges included) 
    2.2 40 х 80 х 2150 Eclipse (2 x AGB Eclipse concealed hinges included) 

    3. Telescope door casings 16 х 70 х 2150 

    4. Linings 10 х 100 х 2070 и 10 х 150 х 2070 

    Standard door panel dimensions: 400/500/600/700/800 x 1900/2000/2100 mm 
    Custom-sized door panels are also available. 
    Door panel thickness is 40 mm, door panel thickness including edges is 44 mm. 
    All E series doors are optionally available in fireproof and reinforced versions.

  • Z Series Doors
    Z Series represents a wide range of flush interior doors. The structure of Z Series doors is based on a frame made of MDF and solid pine wood, which provides overall strength of the door leaf....

  • Basic Set:

    1. Door leaf with cuts for hinges and lock;
    2. Door jamb set with cuts for 2 hinges (set consists of 2.5 pcs.);
    3. Straight telescopic casing, by the piece;
    4. Door jamb extensions

    Door hardware set:
    For one-wing doors of Z series 4 sets of hardware are available:
    №1 DND handle with knob plates, AGB door knob, DND latch, 2 AGB hinges;
    №2 DND handle with cylinder plates, AGB cylinder lock with knob, 2 AGB hinges;
    №3 AGB door knob, 2 AGB hinges;
    №4 AGB cylinder lock, 2 AGB hinges. 

    And 4 sets for double-wing doors:
    №5 DND handle with knob plates, AGB door knob, DND latch, 4 AGB hinges, AGB bolt
    №6 DND handle with cylinder plates, AGB cylinder lock with knob, 4 AGB hinges, AGB bolt
    №7 AGB door knob, 4 AGB hinges, AGB bolt
    №8 AGB cylinder lock, 4 AGB hinges, AGB bolt

  • XN Series Doors
    The collection of doors in the coating of polypropylene with the newest exclusive structure, perfectly conveying the section of natural oak. The range offers a huge choice of doors in both classical and modern designs....

  • Feature:

    • Barn (pocket) system
    • Rotory system
    • Monoblock door frame
    • Transome
    • Double “French Door”
    • Translucent glass
    • Repairable construction
    • Automatic Threshold
    • Bifold system