Emerging Trends in Homebuilding  

From investment and capital market outlooks, to the housing marketplace in this new landscape of economics, technology and demographics, PCBC’s 2017 Trends Report will allow you to identify near-future disruption and the opportunities needed to help your business innovate and grow.


Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Housing 
Will drone landing pads replace garages? Will wireless electricity change how we need to wire homes and building? Read More >>

Land Planning

New Trends for Master Planned Communities
Tighter build-outs to neighborhood completion, active adult villages, green and sustainable communities. These are just some of the 7 design shifts emerging in Master Planned Communities. Learn more about these trends and more in land planning and development. Read More >>

Marketing and Consumer Trends

The Future of Consumption
What makes the marketplace tick in today's landscape of economics, technology and demographics? Is it ownership... or access? Discover how the new consumer mindset, from Millennials to Baby Boomers, can be described in 4 words. Read More >>


A Pivotal Year for Multifamily
The market is beginning to shift as new construction is catching up with demand in some markets. Learn the 5 emerging trends in multifamily housing and understand how to capitalize on these changing conditions. Read More >>


2017 Digital Marketing Trends for Homebuilders
Virtual reality is projected to grow into a $30 billion industry by 2020. Discover how it's revolutionizing the real estate industry. Read More >>

Business Management

Trend Insights from the Brightest Minds in Housing
What's the biggest housing opportunity this year? Will rising mortgage rates slow demand for housing? We interviewed some of the brightest minds in the industry to get their take on these topics and more. Read More >> 

Capital Markets

Insights on Capital Markets in 2017
We asked Steve LaTerra, Managing Director, Meyers Research, to provide insights on 2017 capital flows, investment appetite and market projections. Read More >>


Design Trends for 2017
Design trends resonating with Millennials. New amenities in masterplan communities. Urban and suburban exterior elevations. These are just some of the topics we asked some of the brightest minds in the industry to get their take on design trends in 2017. Read More >>