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Linda BaysariLinda Baysari 
Senior Vice President, Meetings & Conventions
Linda Baysari (916) 325-9300 x308
Up close in Kenya with my favorite animal, the giraffe! This African safari was #1 on my bucket list and it was pure magic. Whatever your trip-of-a-lifetime is, go for it. "You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes" - Pooh


Ann BivensAnn Bivens
Exhibits Director
(916) 325-9300 x326
Lake Tahoe - my home away from home. Although I love the snow-capped mountains, summer is my time where I can hike, kayak, and ride my bike. If you have a favorite spot in Tahoe, let's talk! I can also help you plan your best booth ever. Become an Exhibitor today!


Mike SturdivantMike Sturdivant 
Conferences Director
(916) 325-9300 x337
I hiked the highest summit in the contiguous USA, Mt. Whitney in 2018 (14,505 feet)! Took me 15 hours (and tons of weekend training) and started at 11pm the night before. This summer I hiked Wheeler Peak in Great Basin, Angels Landing & The Subway in Zion, Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon North Rim. 2020? We'll see!


Kimberly DeWeeseKimberly DeWeese
Operations Director
(916) 325-9300 x333 
I try to live by the motto - simply enjoy life. I have a passion for planning events and being social - any reason to throw a party is perfect - but the real fun for me resides in the creative details. For me, the ocean is my place of inspiration as well as endless summer fun with my family.


Sara TurnerSara Turner
Exhibitor Services Specialist
(916) 325-9300 x349 
Staying young at heart is what I do best. Especially when I’m spending time in my Happiest Place on Earth. Any other Disney fans out there? I’d love to hear from you and learn what your happy place is while helping you plan your exhibit space for PCBC. I want to help make you the happiest Exhibitor on earth. Become an Exhibitor today!


Kevin CoyleKevin Coyle
Registration/Operations Coordinator
(916) 325-9300 x356 
Everyone has a story, and movies tell the best stories. Whether it’s the over-the-top action from Tarantino, or the evocative realism from Scorsese, motion pictures submerge you into a world of endless possibilities. Even a colorful comic-book movie can give us some insight into the fragile human condition. Tell me your favorite movie when you see me at PCBC, and I look forward to being your registration superhero.


Julianne SturdivantJulianne Sturdivant
Marketing and Media Partnerships
Although it looks like I stepped into someone's watercolor, this is actually Kapalua, Maui. If you're looking for some drama (all the rocks!) and serenity in the same moment, Ironwoods Beach is the place! (Though, clearly, it's windy too.) This beach brings the impact and inspiration all in one--just like PCBC.


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Lisa Parrish
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Shantelle Johnson
Account Director
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