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Steven M. Friedman, Executive Vice President, Finance and Tax , Walton Global Holdings, Ltd., Tysons, VA -- PCBC Attendee Since 1990

The home building industry is always changing, and PCBC is always evolving to stay current

I started attending PCBC in 1990 because I kept hearing about all the key people that were going to be in one place, at one time – I just had to go.

The buzz about the value of the show proved true then and is still true today. This business changes often and when it does, it changes a lot. PCBC adapts to all the changes, which means it’s never stale and the content is relevant and valuable. Attending PCBC is a great way for me to get a sense of what is happening in the industry, as well as what’s going to happen in the future.

As a presenter, I make sure I bring my A-game

I co-chair the Land and Capital education track, and my goal is to share valuable information that attendees didn’t know before coming to PCBC. We want to give people the opportunity to focus on the pieces of the home building industry that are most important to their business. Often the most valuable portion of each session is the Q&A, when you get to listen and learn from other people’s perspectives, which often gets you to reflect on your own.

As an attendee, I learn from people who spend their daily lives doing something different from what I do

There is so much value in listening to others’ point of view to sharpen your own thought process. At PCBC, I have learned a lot from people who spend their time in other aspects of the business—from engineers to land planners, landscape architects to builders. I gain incredible insight and a great appreciation for all aspects of home building from the PCBC attendees I meet who have a breadth of knowledge in areas that aren’t my expertise.


Jacob Atalla

Jacob Atalla, Vice President of Sustainability, KB Home, CBIA member since 2005; PCBC Attendee Since the mid 1990s

After attending PCBC for nearly 20 years, PCBC is still the conference I most look forward to each year.

PCBC is the premier conference for the building industry. It offers thought-provoking education that prepares you for the future, as well as many opportunities to meet with the thought leaders and manufacturers that are innovating for tomorrow.

One of the best parts of the show is the Parade of Products

It’s a great place for innovators to showcase their newest products and for builders who are looking to become more innovative to benefit from seeing the best of the best, all in one place.

The Gold Nugget Awards provide just that: Nuggets of wonderful inspiration

I make sure to attend to see all the leading designs in person. It gives me wonderful inspiration to take back to my office and use in the future.

Finally, the Key Buyers Club makes it easy to do business

So many of our trade partners attend the conference, and the Key Buyers Club makes it convenient for us to meet and get business done. We can accomplish in a day at the conference what may otherwise take multiple phone calls and meetings. PCBC makes it so easy for us to conduct business in such a focused way.

Maximize your time, deepen your knowledge and come away inspired and armed with the innovation you need to take your business to new heights. 


Jeff Grenz, Grenz Homes, Sacramento, California, PCBC Attendee Since the 1970s

PCBC brings together the best and brightest in the homebuilding industry under one roof, offering all the education, exhibits, new products and networking you need to succeed in the building business.

"As a third-generation builder, I first started attending PCBC with my parents in the 1970s.

Each year, PCBC brings something different and I get something new out of it. I go to rekindle relationships and learn about the newest items in the industry. I go to see friends—some I met as far back as the 70s. It’s fabulous. With all the high-level education, priceless networking and exclusive access to new products, PCBC pays for itself in the first hour.

The top-notch education PCBC offers is what I like to call a “builder’s university.”

There’s no school or place you can go that teaches you as much about residential construction as the PCBC show does in just a few days. When you go to PCBC, you learn from industry experts about marketing, construction techniques, architecture and more. You learn what motivates the consumer, what drives purchasing decisions and what creates supply and demand. You can fill your schedule with a variety of classes—especially those outside of your skill. If you’re an accounting guy, you can learn what the marketing guys do. If you’re a marketing guy, you can learn what the construction guys do. It’s a great place to get diverse input and expertise.

Finally, the new products floor is not to be missed. Every year I get to see the newest products before they hit the showroom floor. Whether it takes me half a day or it takes me a few days, I’ll walk the floor and look for things I haven’t seen elsewhere so I can stay on top of it all. I am passionate about this business and PCBC taps into that passion. There’s always something new that’s going to be in demand in the next year or so. And there’s nothing like seeing a brand-new product in. Things like the new commercial ovens with doors that open in the middle or sliding walls of glass or elevators. You don’t often get to see up-and-coming items, but you will see them on the floor at PCBC—a year before they hit the sales room floor. It only takes one new thing to make attending worth it."

Take it from a 40-year homebuilding business industry veteran and long-time attendee—PCBC is where you need to be this June. Learn more and register today!  


Julie Anderlik, Marketing Director, Cambridge Homes
PCBC Attendee Since 2015

PCBC’s educational program drills down to the topics that matter most to your business. With tracks like disruptive marketing and business imperatives, you’re sure to come away with cutting-edge ideas and tactics to put to use right away.

"I was immediately able to apply ideas I learned at PCBC directly to my business.

One thing I took away from a conference session I attended was a very concrete step-by-step preselling process. Right when I got back, we had a community development that was opening. I took out the sheet with all my notes, took out the handouts from the session, and used them step-by-step to build interest. As a result, our preselling campaign experienced fantastic success.

Sessions introducing new concepts to explore and use in our business, like being more innovative and creative with different social media platforms, helped broaden my marketing toolkit.

Since the show last year, we’ve capitalized on using Snapchat in our business. We now post home specials on our Snapchat story. There’s nice immediacy to this method—we know that they’re going to go away in 24 hours and our followers know that it’s going to go away in 24 hours, so buyers act quickly.

There was a real focus on relationship building and shared knowledge with the experts at the show.

I was a big fan of the speakers at PCBC. They were all very approachable—afterward I never felt weird about approaching somebody and asking them more questions. Instead of ‘I’m going to throw all this information at you and hopefully it sticks,’ it was more of a conversation than anything else for me. In fact, I still reach out to some contacts if I have a question.

After such a positive experience at my first show, I will definitely be returning to PCBC this year. I look forward to discussing new ideas and making even more contacts in the industry." 


Neil Baxter, Assistant Vice President – Purchasing & Product Standards (Western Region), Toll Brothers Inc. 
PCBC Attendee Since 2004

Receiving hundreds of emails a day is the modern face of doing business. PCBC offers a more personal and successful interaction.

"I complete at least 2–3 regional agreements per year at PCBC, and this has been my track record over the years in almost all categories: roofing, garage doors, countertops, paint, engineered lumber, windows and front entry doors, to name but a few. Weeks of email traffic have been curtailed by having all of my relevant trade contacts available to me in one venue. It’s fantastic.

The show gathers the right people in a focused environment, making it very productive.

I’m not walking through multiple halls and vendors only to meet someone who isn’t from my market and doesn’t care about my business—the people I meet with are quality contacts who know and appreciate my circumstances and business.

PCBC offers a successful blend of show floor product and relevant vendors, with educational offshoot meetings and a welcome social element.

If you are a builder or manufacturer with a presence in the west, or a trade looking for a builder, manufacturer or trade contacts in the west, then PCBC is the one show you must attend. Regional reps are here. Face-to-face meetings are possible here. The ability to conduct business and socialize with your peers and counterparts is here, all in one location, at PCBC.

After 10+ years of success, I will definitely be attending this year’s PCBC – and am looking forward to the new business ventures and valuable relationships that the show is sure to bring." 

Make valuable connections and get business done at PCBC. 


Eric Brown, CEO, Artisan Homes

"I started coming to PCBC very early in my career and I never forgot the impact of hearing from top builders, architects and sales trainers sharing their expertise. I loved walking the floor and finding new products to put in our homes. When I started my own homebuilding company, I decided that in lieu of the traditional holiday party, what better way to show appreciation to our team than to send them to PCBC? Each person went to seminars and events in their field, and we all bonded at our team dinners. The impact on our productivity and motivation was invaluable."  

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