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Contributed by The Cable Connection: PCBC 2016 Exhibitor
(Booth 1911)


In 2015, an engineering team at The Cable Connection completed a thorough review of the engineering calculations that has previously been used for cable railing, after extensive testing they have learned that it is now possible to make your cable railing projects easier, and more cost efficient.

The team of engineers discovered that you can increase the Intermediate spacing from 42” to 48”. They also discovered that the required tension on a cable can be reduced to 225 lbs from 400 lbs.

How, you ask? 

  1. Space the cables no more than 3-1/8” on center — that hasn’t changed.
  2. Tension the cables to 225 lbs. (formerly 400 lbs.). This will allow use of lighter, less costly end posts.
  3. Space the intermediate posts/supports no more than 48” apart (formerly 42”).

The result: fewer intermediate posts equals fewer dollars spent.

Through additional testing, the team has determined that end posts with a cross-section of at least 1-1/2” no longer need to be drilled on an angle for a stair run when using receivers, they can be drilled square at both ends for through-post stair runs which are much easier than post-drilling as well as eliminating the need of beveled washers. No more having to drill angled holes for stair run end posts!

*Not applicable for flat bar which still needs to be drilled on the angle


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