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If you’re interested in becoming competitive in eco-conscious HVAC, here are a few things you should consider before touting your green services on brand-new business cards.

What does the future of digital look like for home builders? In a field not always known for being on the leading edge of technology, it’s exciting to see the construction industry now embracing the these digital trends for home builders.

Times change … and so do the attitudes, behaviors and preferences of homebuyers.

Much like an open floor plan, an open storage design seamlessly integrates distinct functional areas into one harmonious living space.

Nationally, there has been little change in house flipping in the past year, but Las Vegas is approaching historical highs, and flipping is making a comeback in several Florida markets.

Winners of 2015 Gold Nugget Awards Celebrated At PCBC In San Diego

Everyone loves storage! Trulia and Zillow surveys list it as a top amenity for homebuyers in 2016. And RealityTimes ranks “plenty of storage” as the second most important feature for buyers when it comes to purchasing a new home.

In 2015, an engineering team at The Cable Connection completed a thorough review of the engineering calculations that has previously been used for cable railing, after extensive testing they have learned that it is now possible to make your cable railing projects easier, and more cost efficient.

The California Building Standards Commission recently acted at breakneck speed to implement emergency regulations to address the drought.


The shortage of qualified trade contractors is a problem that vexes the entire industry and finally people are waking up to it, but not for the right reasons.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that Energy Star-certified clothes dryers are now available nationwide through major retailers


The smart home market is becoming big business, managed by real-life command centers that reside in the smartphone that never leaves your customers’ hands.


Read a sneak peek of the Land panel that will focus on how to increase sales absorption, land values, and builder profits while creating great places for people to live.


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