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EcoStar, LLC

EcoStar LLC is celebrating over 20 years of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the roofing industry through its synthetic slate and synthetic shake products. EcoStar manufactures Majestic Slate™, Empire Slate™, Seneca Shake™, and Empire Shake™ from up to 80% recycled content to create roofing tiles that provide long lasting durability and superior protection against extreme weather conditions. EcoStar also supplies a wide range of underlayment and fastening accessories including Glacier Guard™, Aqua Guard™, EcoVent™ and EnBase™. Come see the advantages of an EcoStar roof first hand! · UL listed Class A and Class C fire resistance · UL listed Class 4 impact resistance · UL listed wind resistance to 110 mph. · Conserve energy with the cool colors of the Empire line · Contribute toward LEED certification · Transferable 50-year Gold Star Warranty or 50-year Limited Material Warranty available


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  • Roof Shakes/Shingles/Tiles/Metal
  • Slate Shingles/Synthetic
  • Vents, Ridge